Neck Pain

Neck pain is becoming an increasingly common problem dealt with by chiropractors. A pain in the neck caused by sports injuries, road traffic accidents or repetitive strain can come from muscular pain, a trapped nerve or arthritis-like symptoms.

Shoulder & Arm Pain

Inadequately performing joints and their related problems can also be treated by chiropractors, without the need for anti-inflammatory drugs. Which may dull the pain but can have side effects and not always offer an effective long-term solution.

Back Pain

Back pain is the most common condition seen in a chiropractor’s clinic. There are various causes of back pain including trauma, posture, work related activities, sports injuries, hereditary problems, underlying serious conditions and referred pain from organs.

Leg Pain

We are well trained in the treatment of severe sciatica, offering treatments from initial pain relief to more long term solutions.We have well researched techniques to help improve your posture and suggestions for physical exercise which all amount to relieving the symptoms of sciatica.

  • I went along to Brackla Family Chiropractic Clinic in Bridgend after my GP suggested a chiropractor could help with the extreme shoulder and back pain I was getting! Dr David Thomas sorted everything out in just a couple of sessions. I wouldn’t hesitate in going back again or recommending to others.

    Dave Sheppard Back & Shoulder Pain Sufferer
  • Several years ago I went to see Sarah to help with severe injuries due to a road accident. Today I have successfully completed my first marathon. Thank you Sarah for keeping my back and neck moving and for sticking lots of needles in my knee and foot. Without your help I wouldn’t have done it.

    Emma Tyler Back & Neck Pain Sufferer
  • Was in a lot of pain with sciatica so I went along to see David Thomas, after he’d done some treatment on my husbands back and my little boy who suffered terrible cramp. He’s made a huge difference to us all and I’m now thankfully back to work with no more discomfort. I would highly recommend to everyone.

    Leanne Rees-Sheppard Leg Pain Sufferer

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